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NOTES: understanding productivity. 1998-2002: losted work, many ppt animations and HTML studies, The Sims 1 textures and objects. 2002-2005: high school consuming a lot of time. 2004: first time half-time employee, many one weekend works. 2005: first time fired, forced to entrepreneur. Abandonated educational projects for focusing in Flash games lauching. 2006: pre-college course consumes 90% of time. 2007-2010: college start, many non-computer activities like jr company and sports, few academic associations jobs. 2008-2009: first home-office part/time job. 2010: losted recurrent client to focus on conclusion course work and write. 2011-2012: half time entrepreneur/freelancer, failure in both. 2013: full-time employee, few bigger/complex projects, almost stopped entrepreneur. First time rich with gorgeous girlfriend and total family support. Suffered to stop drink alcohol for gain focus. 2014-2016: Academic master course full-dedication, again almost no time for side jobs or entrepreneur, but miraculously keep receiving propostals. Worked during vacations, weekends and holidays, got many clients frustred by interruptions. 2016: Jobs for selective processes, desperate try to reestablishment of IT career because lost of scholarship, failure to get a job, became poor. After difficulty months got failure in MsC final exam, decided to full-time entrepreneur, official F5 Sites shy restarted. Struggling to get income. 2017: first time full-time entrepreneur, restarting old projects almost from scratch, a lot of personal problems and ultra-low budgets situations keeps delaying every launch schedule try, poorest period for me and Brazilian economy. Sold personal stuff to live. Started many video productions, more than 50 videos published, 3 YouuTbe channels started side along IT projects. 2018: Ready launch base almost ready for growth. Forced part-time freelance for paying bills, after sold almost all personal stuff just to visit potential new costumers in an delicated risk game, no money and 5 years girlfriend couldnt take it, gone. Discredited by family and friends. After 2 years is finally stable again. First good freelancer job after 3 years, completes 27 months of full-time jobs search without success, decides to have a break. Life stress peak, years without holidays or paid rest. After 13 years of first try, finally official Portfolio launched, tons of old projects recovered made possible a clear career review.

Disaggregated Product Owner Stats:

NOTES: What I have studed. 2004: Flash. 2005: 3D skeleton and animation rendering. 3D Max. 2008: JavaScript Mootools. 2009: WordPress theme development. 2011: JavaScript jQuery/AJAX. 2013: Bootstrap. 2014: Laravel PHP. 2015: Android Studio 2016: Djikistra PHP, WordPress (selective processes job). 2017: JavaScript: React, Codeignite, NodeJS. Video editing: openshot, OBS. 2018: Timber, docker (selective processes job).