BSD – Docker Shell


make easy for Francisco Matelli Matulovic to deploy Fnetwork


download git repo, edit bsg.conf and ./


Type ‘bsg’ anywhere in your shell

Git-multi-status – Shell Script

Show uncommited changes in git directories and ask if you want to commit and push to origin master

F5 Sites | Language Filter WordPress

Filter correct language for front-end user based in location and/or IP address, filtering posts by tag (taxonomy)

TreinamentoEmFoco – WordPress

Treinamento em Foco

Course for focus trainning site

F5 Sites | Ad System WordPress

Show advertising banners over the f5 sites network

Show advertising banners over the f5 sites network
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This porfolio is very big content project, I have spent many hours putting old jobs online, since 2003 I am programmer.

The Post Grid USA – WordPress


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