Tanamesa Busca – PHP jQuery

Melhorias de usabilidades e algorítimo avançado no sistema de busca do tanamesa.com, permitindo busca complexas e long tail (mais de uma palavra).

English: Usability improvements and advanced algorithms in the tanamesa.com search engine, allowing for complex and long tail searches (more than one word).

F5 Sites | Language Filter WordPress

Filter correct language for front-end user based in location and/or IP address, filtering posts by tag (taxonomy)

F5 Sites | Ad System WordPress

Show advertising banners over the f5 sites network

Show advertising banners over the f5 sites network
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Pomodoros.com.br USA – WordPress



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Apr 12, 2018 improved

F5 Sites | WooCommerce WPMU Subscriptio Check

ntegrates WooCommerce Subscriptio (the cheaper one) with WPMU, checking and associating a SUBSCRIPTION (wp post object) when creating a new WPMU site in network, for fastening and automated subsite creation by front-end user. Compatible with another F5 Sites WP Plugin -> Shared WordPress Posts And Taxonomies + Uploads Folder. Not testes outside FNETWORK.

Made for my personal usage, it is so hard to explain that I will not even try to do it, check the code or give up.
Made for projectimer.com and focalizador.com.br users assigns subscriptios to MU sub-blogs.

F5 Sites | WooCommerce shop_order Tables – WordPress

Based on F5 Sites | Shared Posts, it enable a custom database for WooCommerce orders, so it make possible to sync order in server instances without messing up products ids.
I tested tons of solutions and my plugin has potential to be the best, but sitill need a lots of integration tests, like sensei, etc.