F5 Sites | WooCommerce WPMU Subscriptio Check

ntegrates WooCommerce Subscriptio (the cheaper one) with WPMU, checking and associating a SUBSCRIPTION (wp post object) when creating a new WPMU site in network, for fastening and automated subsite creation by front-end user. Compatible with another F5 Sites WP Plugin -> Shared WordPress Posts And Taxonomies + Uploads Folder. Not testes outside FNETWORK.

Made for my personal usage, it is so hard to explain that I will not even try to do it, check the code or give up.
Made for projectimer.com and focalizador.com.br users assigns subscriptios to MU sub-blogs.

F5 Sites | WooCommerce shop_order Tables – WordPress

Based on F5 Sites | Shared Posts, it enable a custom database for WooCommerce orders, so it make possible to sync order in server instances without messing up products ids.
I tested tons of solutions and my plugin has potential to be the best, but sitill need a lots of integration tests, like sensei, etc.

F5 Sites | WordPress Mysql Manager

Check out

It has files with 2018-01-08 dates, but in my memory the first functional version was in 2017, just after wp shared posts plugins.

F5 Sites | Shared Post Tables – WordPress

F5 Sites | Shared Post Tables and Uploads Folder
Hacks WordPress databases, sharing posts and taxonomies tables for multiple wp install under the same database, by default wp only can share tables users and usermeta. Made for use in fnetwork.
It was made after a deception with wp-main, a great plugin to share and republish posts, but that can’t bulk update posts form different domains.

CashFlower – App

It was an attempt to create an inovative online Cash Flow system, with dynamic graphics. Stopped due costs, confidentiality and Flash technology limitations.

It was an really great attempt to create a brand new product, an online cash flow system. It was stopped because Flash technology was fastly becoming outdated, it need to be replaced urgently and the project ended in demo.

Another great problem was in SQL, I just find out that the contability and double entries system is really painfull to create. I tested a lot of cash flow system and thanks to that i found the greatest software: GnuCash Finance System, an great opensource project. So that settled an end to my project and I started to use GnuCash, never regret of it, helped me a lot.

But today, looking back in time, the CashFlower was really complex and original software, with unique design, Flash + PHP communication (not trivial) and custom SQL structure, made by myself.

Thanks to prof. dr. Valdemir Aparecido Pires for constantes feedbacks and reviews

Thanks to prof. dr. Alvaro Martim Guedes, from UNESP Araraquara, for Santander Prize Submission in 2008

Francisco Matelli Matulovic – 2008

Arqueiro Bow – Flash Game